RWK Inspections is a client focused home inspection company based in North Central West Virginia that is owned and operated by Gary Pigott.  We strive to meet our customer’s needs through a reliable and stringent home inspection that produces a thorough and informative report.  Included in this report will be photographs so that the client can see the results of the findings, not just read the technical details of the report.  Whether you are a first time home buyer, listing your home for sale, are building a home and want to schedule new construction inspections, or need a commercial property inspection, RWK Inspections has the solution for you.  We are committed to your satisfaction.

Sections of a House

Buyer's Home Inspection

Purchasing a home is likely the largest investment the average adult makes in their lifetime.  Learning the true condition of the home from the foundation to the peak of the roof is very important.  RWK Inspections is focused on providing you reliable and trustworthy information regarding the home you are purchasing.  Our inspection will be able to inform and educate you about the condition of the home via a thorough report that highlights any potential problems with photographic evidence so that you can see the issue for yourself. 

Move-In Certified© Home Inspection

Selling your home can be a stressful event.  During the sale of a home, a home inspection may reveal issues in your home that you were not aware of that can cause renegotiation of the contracted price or cause unexpected and costly repair expenses to complete the transaction.  Avoid this by having your home pre-inspected and listed as Move-In Certified by our certified inspectors.  Justify your asking price and get a leg up on other houses on the market today.

Commercial Inspection

Commercial property transactions can have a very large and positive impact on the community the property is located within.  It is vital during these transactions that the commercial investor is equipped with all relevant information about the property so that the investment becomes a success.  RWK Inspections works with investors to develop and schedule all appropriate inspections, which vary based upon the property, age of the structure, type of property, planned use of the property, and the location of the property.  Once these factors are determined, the required inspections will be performed yielding a professional and detailed report to the commercial investor. 

New Construction Inspections

Many home owners skip the important step of scheduling new construction inspections with a home inspector.  They feel between the reputation of the builder and the building inspections that may occur if you live in a city area that their new home will be constructed without any issues.  Other individuals rely on the home warranty provided by the builder.  However, scheduled home inspections by a third party home inspector can be vital in ensuring proper construction techniques were utilized throughout all stages of your home’s construction, and any potential issues are found and repaired in a timely manner.  The most common scheduled inspections would include foundation, pre-sheetrock, and final inspection once the construction is complete, the utilities are connected and working, but prior to closing.

One Year Warranty Inspections

Many newly constructed homes come with a one year warranty from the builder or manufacturer.  Homeowners often find themselves utilizing this warranty as the new construction settles and they notice small issues that need repaired.  RWK Inspections performs one year warranty inspections that will allow the home owners to determine if any structural issues have developed and need repaired prior to their warranty expiring.  RWK Inspections suggests that home owners schedule an inspection in the 10th or 11th month of their warranty so that they have time to file any necessary claims with the builder or manufacturer prior to the expiration of their warranty. 

House for Sale

Today’s market can be confusing with so many choices of realtors, home inspectors, and mortgage lenders, but with RWK Inspections you are selecting a locally owned and operated professional that is licensed and insured to conduct an inspection of your property.  RWK Inspections is also certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).  RWK Inspections has achieved this level of certification and education to bring peace of mind to our clients that our inspectors are fully equipped to find any potential issues with your home and to be able to fully explain that information to you.    

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors